DRANKFUL: Hydration Packs, Reinvented

With 522 Backers on Kickstarter and over $72,000 raised in just 30 days, see why athletes all over the world have fallen in love with these next-generation hydration packs.

Move Smarter, Not Harder.

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The smoothest way to move with your hydration.

What it is

What it is NOT

Who is Drankful for?

Trail and Endurance Runners

Glide through any terrain at lightning speed and comfort while your water stays virtually undetected on your back.

Mountain Bikers

No bounce, slosh, or clunk weighing you down as you rip through winding trails.

Hikers and Adventure Seekers

The Drankful Stealth Series packs are multi-dimensional and versatile to handle all your favorite activities in one place. It’s perfect for…

  • Running
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Adventuring
  • Dog walking 🙂

A new better way to carry your water.


When you wear Drankful's Stealth Series packs, hydration becomes less noticeable. Therefore, less annoying. Giving you the freedom to focus on longer, smoother, and more comfortable adventures.


For those who mix up their hydration on their hips

man mountain biking stopping for water
Mountain Bike Waist Pack

The Stealth Series Mountain Bike Waist Pack is the ultimate adventure lumbar pack. With a no-bounce fit, compact design, and abundant storage space for all trail essentials, this sleek pack gives both new and experienced riders a better way to hydrate in the saddle.

Running Waist Pack

Minimalists, rejoice! This trendy pack is made to be fast and light, yet durable and soft. The running waist pack will be an almost invisible companion to bring along with you as you blaze through short and speedy trips. 

Glide through trails and rugged landscape with ease

Say goodbye to clunky and sloppy hydration packs, and say hello to smooth and comfortable adventures. Oh, and did we mention all the secret pockets, fun magnets, and weatherproof construction?

Pre-orders are now open. Make sure to take advantage of our huge sales today!